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Professional manufacturer of high quality Teflon Tape

Hangzhou Linan Gana Fluorine Plastics Co.,Ltd. is located at Linan in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. We are a professional

China PTFE Thread Seal Tape Manufacturers and Pipe Sealing Tape Suppliers

.with excellent insulation of high and low temperature and acid and alkali-resistant features, our Teflon Tape are widely used in sealing civil-construction, machinery, chemicals and space navigation. After years of exporation and development, our production scale, technical level and product quality have made great improvement. Insisting on “Quality is life”...
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Ptfe Thread Seal Tape

  • Excellent and stable product quality

    The company strictly implementsincoming materials testing, comparison of incoming materials, screening and inspection of raw material suppliers; first-class production process design and process control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and obtains high-efficiency production control; strictly monitor the quality of each batch of product according to the supplier's specifications.

  • High product price ratio and gold content

    The company's superior geographical location and lean management team reduce transportation and labor costs; through strict control of procurement costs and implementation of efficient production control, lower production costs; professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new models with higher cost performance product.

  • Continuous and reliable product supply.

    The company has cooperated with raw material suppliers with the good relationship for more than ten years; the company has sufficient production capacity and stable supply, laying the foundation for continuous production. With the complete ERP system, a well-structured sales, and warehousing network, and an efficient operating mechanism, the company ensures that products are shipped in quality and quantity.

  • Fast and intimate extension services.

    Our company has consistently adhered to a seamless docking service, carefully created a service team consisting of technical backbones, implemented round-the-clock follow-up services, conducted timely visits, exchanges, and feedback on customers, helped customers solve problems, and formed regular meetings with customers. We have established a customer file system and strived to make after-sales service more rapid and intimate.

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Ptfe Thread Seal Tape

  • What is PTFE tape for gas?

    What is PTFE tape for gas?

    Using PTFE thread sealing tape for gas fittings is very common, but it’s vital to select the right product for the job. ...

    21st May, 2020
  • Something about Oxygen PTFE tape

    Something about Oxygen PTFE tape

    The suitability of PTFE tape for oxygen lines echoes much of the advice given on joint seal tapes for natural gas in the...

    13st May, 2020
  • How does PTFE tape work?

    How does PTFE tape work?

    PTFE thread seal tape works by creating a tight-fitting seal or ‘skin’ around the threads of various joint types PTFE Th...

    06st May, 2020
  • Is PTFE tape oil and petrol resistant?

    Is PTFE tape oil and petrol resistant?

    PTFE tape is both oil and petrol resistant due to its notable chemical inertness, which is why it ’s commonly used to se...

    28st Apr, 2020
  • What are the applications of Teflon tape

    What are the applications of Teflon tape

    1. For food heating: 1) Use scissors to cut the baking tray into the desired size and shape. 1) Put it on the pot, plate...

    23st Apr, 2020
  • How to Use Plumber's Tape

    How to Use Plumber's Tape

    Plumber's tape, often called Teflon tape, helps you get a watertight seal on threaded pipe joints. It also helps lubrica...

    15st Apr, 2020
  • What are some good teflon tape substitutes?

    What are some good teflon tape substitutes?

    This depends on what you want the Teflon tape to do - and what kind of Teflon tape you mean. If you’re talking about the...

    09st Apr, 2020
  • What are the coatings of PTFE

    What are the coatings of PTFE

    Teflon, commonly known as "non-stick coating" or "easy to clean materials. This material has the characteristics of acid...

    03st Apr, 2020
  • What is VHB tape

    What is VHB tape

    VHB is the abbreviation of "Very High Bond" in English. Its Chinese translation is: "Very high strength bonding". 1. VHB...

    25st Mar, 2020