A Closer Look at PTFE Gaskets


PTFE gaskets are a preferred part for many companies in […]

PTFE gaskets are a preferred part for many companies in numerous industries. PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene (better known as Teflon), brings with it appealing benefits that makes the material attractive for many applications. PTFE gaskets can be made to a custom shape to ensure proper sealing and ideal mechanical function. Why are PTFE gaskets preferred for so many purposes?China 25mm PTFE Water Tape Suppliers

The Many Sizes of PTFE Gaskets

PTFE gaskets can be custom made, although there are a number of typical sizes that buyers often need. Common sizes range from as small as around six inches by eight inches to over 28 inches. Each PTFE gasket is shaped to its purpose, giving the gasket a customized fit. Openings can be added to the PTFE gasket to accommodate bolts or other protrusions in machinery. The thickness of a PTFE gasket is another characteristic that is considered when designing a custom part.

PTFE Gaskets Can Handle Almost Any Environment

Gaskets are a necessary part of many machines however they can wear down quickly if placed in the wrong environment. Teflon gaskets are appealing for their ability to handle very extreme situations. These gaskets can hold up in high temperature environments. Teflon can handle cryogenic temperatures of -240 Celsius. Teflon gaskets are also able to withstand contact with corrosive substances and industrial solvents. Applications that require contact with ozone, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and sulfuric acid are acceptable for Teflon parts. Moisture is not an issue either because Teflon is non wetting. It also creates an easy to clean surface which appeals in other non-industrial applications, such as coatings for cookwear and other household products.

Where Can I Find PTFE Gaskets?

PTFE gaskets can be purchased from suppliers who will custom manufacture the gasket as well as other retail outlets. The internet is a great place to start. Most suppliers offer websites that list their available products as well as size and design specifications. The PTFE gasket buyer can also ask about order size restrictions and shipping policies. Many gasket suppliers offer additional products such as tools, o rings and die cutting services.