Anti-Slip Tape Ensures Adequate Protection


Slips and falls can cause unnecessary discomfort and pa […]

Slips and falls can cause unnecessary discomfort and pain. Safety from slippery floors in and around your living and work area is a major, if not the most important concern, while looking out for residential and commercial properties. Providing slip proof floor for public properties or surfaces exposed to slippery conditions is an impending issue with all the constructing agencies and there are a few cases of corporate companies being sued for minor slippery cases. So floor slip testing becomes important for all sort of construction from airports to hospitals, from educational premises to private residential properties and fast food centers.19mm PTFE Tape Manfuacturers

Floor slip testing is a method used to ascertain if a surface is suitable and sufficiently slip-resistant to be used. This can be performed on all the surfaces irrespective of its make, porcelain, ceramic and marble, granite, quarry tiles, limestone, concrete and wood surfaces, etc. to make it slip-resistant.

Anti-slip floor treatment enables all the surfaces to be slip resistant. Such products help in removing the potential dangers from slip-ons by simply minimizing the chances of its occurrence. They determine the slip resistivity of a surface. Anti-Slip Floor Treatment can be helpful in determining surface slip resistance in case of litigations filed for r cases concerning slip incidences. The services are available at no additional cost to the gloss or the color of the surface.

There is also Anti-Slip Tape available as a solution to anti-slip Floor treatment for your working areas and to prevent slipping in your garages, especially for staircases, and private work areas at home. There are varieties of anti-slip tapes available to choose from depending on the surface type. There are poly glass tapes, various clothes, and fabric adhesives tapes to choose from depending on the requirements and surface usage. The anti-slip floor treatment services are available for all the sectors involved in reality industry, including the manufacturers and big building houses, architects and ultimately the end-users. Slip resistance of a surface can be determined both in labs and in real time at the current location under practical conditions.

External public surfaces such as footpaths, Teflon coating on the roads, crossings, major intersections and parking areas open to natural conditions of rain and brightness can also be tested. Public places such as malls and corporate houses provide consistent level of slip resistance to their parking and other utilities meant for public use. Floor slip testing provide a way to determine whether a surface is OK to be used and anti-slip floor treatment can prevent a surface from being slippery.