Carton Sealing Tape


Moving houses or need to pack some luggage and don't kn […]

Moving houses or need to pack some luggage and don't know where to start? Look no further than the carton! The beauty of it is that it can be used to package small or large products and all you need is the carton sealing tape to ensure your luggage is well wrapped. It can either be applied manually or mechanically with the aid of a special machine due to its adhesive nature.25mm PTFE Water Tape Suppliers

Rubber, one of diverse materials that can be used to make this product, comes in three different forms namely; hot melt, natural or acrylic. This is owed to the fact that most industrial sectors prefer pressure-sensitive adhesives which is characteristic of these materials mentioned.

If you are an investor looking for fertile grounds, carton sealing tape technology is the way to go. This is because almost every sector ranging from technical equipment items, can packing to clothing items uses this product. What is required from you as a manufacturer is to choose the right type for your machine and you are good to go. It is now easier to create long-enduring seals that can even be exposed to pressure as improvements have been made on the adhesive items by increasing their holding and tensile properties.

However, you need to know what model to go for as their uses vary in relation to temperature. For temperatures from below 40°F to over 120°F, it is advisable to go for the acrylic one. As always, best is saved for last. The carton sealing tape can be used as an advertising and promotional tool! How? Very easy! Just customize it with your name, company logo and even the colors of the company!