Causes of warping when black Teflon tape is applied


If the edge of the Teflon tape is warped when it is pas […]

If the edge of the Teflon tape is warped when it is pasted, it will seriously affect the service life of the tape and also affect the production efficiency, and increase the production cost. Summarize what is the cause of this problem. It is possible that the selected adhesive is improper.

   The cause of warping when applying Teflon tape: the glue is too weak or the quality of the adhesive has problems, which will cause warping, so when choosing an adhesive, choose a product with good quality and not too weak.

If the tension of the Teflon mesh belt is not well controlled, it will also cause warping. If the label with too tight coating tension is peeled from the backing paper, the label will be warped, which will cause easy labeling. The edge of the label is degummed and warped.


Causes of warping when applying Teflon tape19mm PTFE Tape Suppliers "The unreasonable design of the shape of the Teflon tape label will also cause warping. If the surface of the label is partially spherical in the range of the label, when using a paper label When labeling, the labeling area is large, and the lower end will be more prone to wrinkles on both sides after labeling.

   In addition to the reasons of the PTFE film itself, it should be noted that the upper surface of the machine should be cleaned when the tape is applied. Remember not to have dust, impurities or water, which will affect its own viscosity. The material of the viscose is domestic, so its temperature cannot reach 260 degrees. If the temperature of the machine itself is too high, it is recommended to use imported viscose. When the temperature is fully reached, it is not easy to be too high and unbearable. And the phenomenon of warping.

  The reason for warping when Teflon tape is applied: Generally speaking, when the same adhesive is used for black PTFE tape, the thicker the thickness of the Teflon high temperature cloth, the easier it is for the edge to warp. Moreover, most modern industries are mass production. Of course, the production of Teflon tape is no exception. Except for special customization, different thicknesses basically use the same adhesive.