Do you know the reason for the residual adhesive of Teflon tape?


After the Teflon tape is baked at a high temperature, t […]

After the Teflon tape is baked at a high temperature, there will be residual glue and glue overflow. A small amount of residue will be found by hand or close observation. This small amount of residue has a great impact on production. This phenomenon may be that the high temperature resistance data of the tape does not meet the production requirements, and usually requires a high temperature resistance requirement of 210-260 degrees. Therefore, it should be confirmed that the production requirements are met before production.

  If the temperature of the production line is too high (not within the range of process requirements), residual adhesive will also appear. Please check whether the temperature sensor is normal. The Teflon high temperature adhesive tape product itself has quality problems. If the pressure-sensitive adhesive is not heated and cured in strict accordance with the baking data of the pressure-sensitive adhesive during the coating production process, the curing time is not enough or the coating line speed is too fast, which will cause adhesion. Glue and substrate cannot be used in combination; since Teflon tape is applied by a coating machine with a rubber roller, semi-finished products generally only need to rest for 2-3 days after rewinding and cutting, mainly for bonding the glue to the substrate , The glue that is cured in its natural state, if it is not fully cured for rewinding and cutting, there will be residual gum.
How to use Teflon tape more reasonably

   1. Use PTFE tape with yellow release paper, which can be stored for a long time without changing its viscosity.

  2. Do not use sharp metal tools to rub on the surface of the tape. Wipe the tape surface regularly with a damp cloth.

   3. Do not pour acid, alkali, organic chemical solvents on the surface of the tape to ensure that the surface of the tape is dry and clean.

  4. Buy cost-effective tapes as much as possible, and not blindly pursue cheap and ignore the quality of the tape.

   5. The use temperature and tensile strength should be within the reasonable range of the PTFE tape.


12mm Blue Outershell PTFE Tape






100% Pure PTFE Tape
PTFE TAPE is an ideal tape for sealing, which is widely applied in construction machinery, chemical industry and other areas, especially in pipe linking systems, such as building sealing tape.

Main properties:
No project: Technical indexes remarks
1. Heat-resistance: +370°C
2. Cold-resistance: -190°C
3. High pressure resistance: 150-200kg/cm2
4. Tensile strength: ≥8MPA. Control according to the demand
5. Percentage elongation: ≥25%
6. Residual lubricant: ≤0.5%