Does scotch tape have an insulating effect?


The products made by transparent tapeTeflon Tape High Q […]

The products made by transparent tapeTeflon Tape High Quality Low Price wholesalers can be used in many industries. Generally speaking, for safety reasons, mixed use is not allowed, especially for products such as wires. Many people will ask, isn’t tape Is it insulated?

Scotch tape has no insulation at all, and even has good electrical conductivity. Not only can it not perform well, but it may also cause greater hidden dangers. If you use scotch tape to wrap the exposed parts of the fire zero line, you accidentally stick it. At the same time, it may also cause a short circuit and cause a fire, from the damage of the wiring and electrical equipment to the house, with disastrous consequences. Do not use scotch tape to stick the wires. Instead, use professional insulating tape to stick, but pay attention to safety when operating. It is best to turn off the power supply and switch before operating to avoid accidents.


   It needs to be placed in a suitable environment, which will play a very good role in extending the life of the product, saving us a lot of costs and bringing great benefits.
In fact, when we place the tape, we need to place it between 15 ~ 38 ℃, it is not easy to cause residual glue, and relatively speaking, it is better to use the part that is closer to the low temperature. The storage environment will cause the aging of the scotch tape, such as: oxygen, ultraviolet (sunlight), metal, especially brass or rust, bleach, plasticizer and other environmental long-term effects will cause the tape to deteriorate, soften, solidify, and lose its viscosity. According to the type of scotch tape, select the appropriate period of use, storage environment and conditions, packaging specifications, etc.

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