How to avoid longitudinal tearing of tape?


This is a very normal phenomenon, and it is also a rela […]

This is a very normal phenomenon, and it is also a relatively easy problem. Have you ever thought about what caused this? Scotch tape wholesale has made a reasonable explanation for us.
If we use the tape, when the tape has a large deviation on one side, then it will form folds or folds on one side, be affected by the unbalanced tension we apply to it, or be scratched by foreign objects, then it may not stick to it. Live, there is a tearing phenomenon. Therefore, when we use it, we must pay attention to this problem, apply force evenly, use it carefully, and do not let the tape tear.

In fact, there is another reason, that is, the quality of the tape we bought is not good enough. In order to save costs, some wholesale transparent tapes cut corners in the production of tape. In this case, no matter how careful we use it, it will be difficult to escape the doom of being torn apart.
Scotch tape is a very important product, but it may break during its use. This has a very bad impact on the wholesale scotch tape manufacturers. So, how to avoid the scotch tape from breaking?

When you receive the packaging tape, please be careful not to use a knife to cut directly from the middle, but to cut from both ends, the lower knife should not be too deep, the thickness of the carton is very thin, and the lower knife is too strong, it will cut to the top contact Packing tape. In the process of using the packaging tape, the glue should not be contacted by sharp objects. The packaging tape is relatively fragile, so try not to damage it. The packaging tape used is regular. If it is always broken from one place, the roll of packaging tape may have been damaged.

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