How to distinguish the quality of Teflon products?


Because the price of Teflon products is very high, many […]

Because the price of Teflon products is very high, many users always choose Teflon products China PTFE Thread Seal Tape Manufacturersagain, and they are very cautious.
  The quality of Teflon products is distinguished by the following points:
  A: The difference between raw materials
   1. The origin of the base cloth. Nowadays, the base cloth is generally woven from Shanghai or Zhuhai cloth. If you buy, you can first consult the source of the raw materials.Viking Yellow Gas Pipe Sealing Tape
  2. The difference between emulsions. Today's manufacturers of Teflon emulsions, the quality of the emulsions produced by each manufacturer, and the quality of the products produced are also different.
  B: The difference in production
   Nowadays, many manufacturers are constantly reducing product quality in order to reduce costs. There are several ways to reduce product quality:
   1. Increase the proportion of water in the emulsion during the production process.
  2. In the process of gluing, apply emulsion less once.
  C: How to distinguish quality
  1. Fold in half: Fold different products back and forth in half, facing the same number of times, to see which product has cracks, or coating drops, or whitening marks.
  2. Touch method: Generally, products produced from imported raw materials have a smooth surface and a certain luster. The surface of domestic materials is rough and there is no gloss on the surface.
  3. Observation method: If the quality of domestic materials is too poor, there will be obvious whitening cracks on the surface, and the glass fiber filaments in it will have traces of leakage.