How to distinguish the quality of the raw material tape through the outer packaging


The raw material belt wholesale products are mainly use […]

The raw material belt wholesale products are mainly used in various sealed pipelines and other places. Many products are closely related to our lives. When using them, we must ensure their quality. Then how should we carry out packaging for its quality? To distinguish. We should know that there are strict requirements for the packaging of qualified products.

Viking Yellow Gas Pipe Sealing Tape

Viking Yellow Gas Pipe Sealing Tape

Production Capacity:300, 000PCS/Day
Transport Package:10PCS/Shrink, 250PCS/Inner Box, 1000PCS/Carton
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Paypal, Money Gram
Thread Seal Tape Thickness:0.07-0.2mm
PTFE Tape Metiarial:100% PTFE
Teflon Tape Spool and Shell:New Material
Gas Tape Width: 12mm,13mm,15mm,19mm,25mm
Water Plumber Seal Tape Length: 1-50m
Teflon Tape Percentage Elongation:>25%


Many times we can distinguish them according to their outer packaging when purchasing. First of all, it should have the corresponding manufacturer's address and shelf life and other related information on the packaging. Secondly, we can also check its color, because its packaging is transparent, you can see the appearance of the product, the color of high-quality products is uniform and bright, and there will be no impurities, etc while inferior products often add some dark pigments Cover it up, making it difficult for consumers to see the impurities.


Of course, when purchasing, we should also pay attention to selecting products with suitable functions according to the different requirements and environments used. Also pay attention to the shelf life, because the quality of its use will be affected if it exceeds the time, and the effect of its use will be better guaranteed.