How to remove the adhesive tape


1.Alcohol wipe If you are not afraid of alcohol with of […]

1.Alcohol wipe
If you are not afraid of alcohol with offset printing, you can wipe with alcohol. Wipe gently and repeatedly. It is necessary to pay attention to safety when using, if you are afraid of discoloration, do not use alcohol.
2.Dishwashing liquid
Sometimes detergent can also remove offset printing. You can use a cloth to pick up some detergent and wipe the offset.Wholesale 12mm Teflon Tape Factory
3. Nail wash water
Nail polish remover for nail polish can sometimes remove offset printing. Nail polish is usually enough, because there are some chemical ingredients in it, so the effect is good. When using this method, pay attention to safety, and chemical products have a certain impact.
Extended information
Use strong adhesive tape to paste some decorations on the door, and then remove it, you can see a piece of rubber marks on the door.
You can use gasoline or kerosene to remove the adhesive tape. You can also buy a 1200 water sandpaper to spray water to remove the stains; buy another can of transparent varnish, thinn it with banana oil, and restore the brightness with a brush. Do not use nail polish remover, although the glue stains are removed, but the door will turn into a white patch.
First scrape the tape with a small knife, and then wipe it with petroleum spirit; after frosted glass, scrape the tape and wipe with turpentine.