How to remove the glue of scotch tape?


Scotch tape is a common household tape product, used in […]

Scotch tape is a common household tape product, used in many places, such as pasting cartons and glass. , It also has great uses in other areas. However, some netizens used scotch tape on the glass and found that the scotch tape on the glass was difficult to remove. what should I do? Today I have compiled some tips on how to remove the glue on the scotch tape for your reference.
1. Eraser.
The eraser is a very good small tool that can wipe off the transparent glue on the glassChina PTFE Water Tape Suppliers. Although this method is only suitable for small area of ​​scotch tape, if it is a large area, it is very troublesome. It is more troublesome to erase a place with the eraser beside it.

2. Nail polish remover.
Nail polish remover is for women. This remover has a good effect on the tape. If the transparent glue on your glass cannot be removed, you can try a nail polish remover, but it depends on whether you have such a remover at home. If so, you can try. If you don't have this method, you will ignore it.


Three, pen lotion
Pen lotion is a tool used in art works. The tool is mainly composed of turpentine, which will chemically dissolve with glass tape, so it can also effectively remove the scotch tape glue on the glass.

Fourth, gasoline or banana juice.
Both are adhesives for scotch tape on glass, and chemical decomposition reactions will also occur. If it is not good, try gasoline or banana oil on a large scale.
Five, wind and oil
Fengyoujing is also very effective for removing the transparent glue on the glass, basically everyone who has used it knows. But Fengyoujing is used to remove small areas of glass glue. If it is a large area, it will be wasted, and a lot of fengyoujing needs to be removed.
6. Edible oil.
In fact, whether it is cooking oil, facial cleanser or other oils used by women, it will dissolve together with the glass glue, so the glass glue can also be removed. This method is also a simple and effective way to remove glass glue.