How to use pipe thread sealant?


1. Disassemble the card joint first, clean the thread s […]

1. Disassemble the card joint first, clean the thread surface of the pipe joint with a wide-stick 755 cleaning agent, and dry it;
2. If the thread is the surface of the inert material, or the room temperature is too low, or the filling gap is too large, or the curing speed needs to be accelerated, the wide stick 7649 accelerator 7 can be sprayed onto the thread surface and dried; (Note: the brass parts do not need to be sprayed. Accelerator 7649)
3. According to the working condition of the pipe joint, choose the pipe thread sealant with suitable strength, viscosity and performance. For example, the pipe thread sealant 577 is high strength, thixotropic viscosity, fast curing and excellent chemical resistance. It is especially suitable for large gaps. Pipe thread seal, thread within M80 is available;
4. Apply a thin layer of wide-stick pipe thread sealant 577 on the sealing seat surface;
5, then apply a week of wide-adhesive pipe thread sealant 577 on the external thread;
6, carefully installed, according to the conventional tightening, standing to solidify, generally half an hour at room temperature can be initially solidified, 24 hours can be fully solid to achieve maximum strength.Hangzhou Linan Gana Fluorine Plastics Co.,Ltd