How to use thread seal tape correctly


While PTFE Thread Seal Tape is not difficult to use, it […]

While PTFE Thread Seal Tape is not difficult to use, it is not as simple as slapping on some good old duct tape and calling it a day. The way it is applied is vitally important, not only because incorrect application will fail to keep your connections and pipes watertight, but taking off wrongly applied thread seal tape so you can re-apply it can be a major pain.

The first thing to consider is to wrap it around the pipe in the correct direction. If you do it right, the pressure from the mating threads should end up tightening the tape around the pipe. Wrap it wrong, and the threads will work against it and ball it all up.

The trick is to wrap the tape in the opposite direction that the pipe is to turn. Follow these steps for the proper usage of thread seal tape:

Step 1: First, make sure that the ends of your pipe are clean and dry.

Step 2: Place the end of the thread seal tape on the second thread from the end of your pipe and keep it stationary with your finger.

Step 3: Begin wrapping the pipe in the opposite direction the pipe will turn, keeping the tape tense so that you can wrap it tightly onto the threads.

Step 4: How many times the thread seal tape will go around the pipe depends on the thickness of the tape, but for the standard variety, about five or six wraps should be enough for the job.

Step 5: When done, simply grip the tape tight and give it a strong tug. Simply smooth out the remaining loose tape onto your pipe, and you are done.