How to wrap the tape?


1. First, remove the foreign matter from the joint of t […]

1. First, remove the foreign matter from the joint of the raw material belt;
2. Pay attention to the winding direction. Take the angle valve as an example. When the angle valve is screwed into the inner thread of the wall, it is rotated clockwise to the right. Then we wrap the left belt counterclockwise on the angle valve. Winding, so that the angle valve will be tightened tighter and will not loosen.PTFE Thread Seal Tape
3. When entanglement, tighten the raw material belt so that the raw material belt is closely attached to the thread. Keep it tight as much as possible. Do not loosen it. If it is wrapped, it should be pressed by hand. It can also be wrapped around the side.
4, as for the winding "several layers" there is no hard regulation, in order to be able to tighten, no leakage, but according to experience, usually need to wrap more than a dozen or more to ensure the sealing effect.
5. When screwing the thread, don't screw it into the dead. It doesn't have to be screwed to the point where it can't be screwed. If you screw it, you can eat it. In addition, pay attention to the depth of screwing in, such as the two bent legs of the hot and cold water mixing valve, and pay attention to keep the distance from the wall consistent when screwing, especially if the depth of the two inner wire elbows is inconsistent in the wall. under.