Material of scotch tape


Common materials are BOPP, PE, and PVC. 1.BOPP BOPP is […]

Common materials are BOPP, PE, and PVC.
BOPP is mainly used for the raw materials of sealing tape and scotch tape. The scotch tape made of BOPP material has the advantages of high strength, good transparency, good barrier properties against oxygen and nitrogen, low temperature resistance, and low specific gravity. welcome.PTFE Thread Seal Tape company
High-density polyethylene (PE) resins with different properties can be prepared by using different types and concentrations of catalysts, changing the proportion of catalyst components and the polymerization temperature. According to the needs of users, different plastic additives can be added in the post-treatment process to obtain pellets with different uses.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the five general-purpose plastics. At present, its production site is second only to polyethylene in the world, ranking second. PVC resin has relatively strong polarity and can be plasticized. It has good processing properties and can produce products with various properties from hard to soft.