PTFE tape temperature rating?


Different formulations and brands of plumber’s tape wil […]

Different formulations and brands of plumber’s tape will typically have different temperature ratings, but the majority cover a fairly wide range of operating conditions.

The minimum safe operating temperature for PTFE tapes is around -200 Celsius, while the upper limits of heat performance tend to be at around +260 Celsius. PTFE itself has a high melting/decomposition point (of around +327 Celsius), but it begins to deteriorate as temperatures rise through the +200 to +260 Celsius range.19mm PTFE Tape Manfuacturers



Not all thread seal tapes will be able to withstand this full array of safe operating temperatures - plumber’s tapes intended for use in high-temperature applications will be marked as such. Always check the specified heat rating in the product information provided by the supplier and manufacturer.

If you’re unsure about the temperature demands of a given thread seal tape or application environment, please feel free to for further product-specific assistance.