What are the application scenarios of high temperature resistant tape?


1. The electronics industry is now the electronics indu […]

1. The electronics industry is now the electronics industry. In the production of electronic products, high temperature resistant tape must be used. High temperature resistant tape has two purposes. One is for fixing and the second is for good insulation. A certain high temperature is also generated when the branch works, so as long as you have the habit of high-temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.China 19mm White PTFE Tape

2. Leather baking varnish: In the leather production process, it will also be used for baking varnish, the so-called baking varnish, which must be painted in a high temperature environment, so it is necessary to apply this kind of professional high temperature resistant tape.


3. Coating: some finish coating under high temperature environment. The tape selected above is also necessary. Although some do not need to finish under high temperature environment, high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is suitable for use in a firm seal. , Together and can achieve good resistance to chemical reactions, so it is the best tape.

Circuit board: As we all know, there is a process of printed circuit board in time, and during this process, not only will there be a certain high temperature requirement, but also must have good insulation and high temperature resistance. The tape can meet its requirements, so high temperature heat resistance Pressure sensitive tapes are in a leading position in the industry.