What are the characteristics of high temperature tape?


1. Acid and alkali resistance, suitable for maintaining […]

1. Acid and alkali resistance, suitable for maintaining acid and alkali environment.

2. The high temperature belt is withstand voltage breakdown, can withstand the voltage range of 5kw-50kw, will not affect the maintenance function, and ensure the production China PTFE Water Tape Manufactuersefficiency of the product.

3. It can be used in the production process that requires anti-static protection, and can be used as LED backlight protection, and will not damage the product due to static electricity during the production process.

4. It can withstand a temperature between 70-320 degrees, subdivided into a variety of uses, does not leave any adhesive, and the high temperature tape has special temperature resistance.



5. Used for low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance tape -196℃, high temperature resistance 300℃, weather resistance, anti-aging. Through practical applications, such as continuous storage for 200 days at a high temperature of 250°C, not only the low strength will not change.

High temperature resistant tape is mainly composed of glass fiber cloth and silica gel; the former can withstand low temperatures of -196 degrees and 350 degrees, which not only has weather resistance, but also anti-aging, while the latter can withstand high temperatures of 300 degrees. Temperature resistance range -190 ~ 300 degrees, stable heat resistance, it is recommended to use in an environment of 260 degrees.

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