What are the performance characteristics of composite springs for circular vibrating screens?


It has the characteristics of nonlinearity and structur […]

It has the characteristics of nonlinearity and structural damping of TT rubber springs, and has the characteristics of large deformation and large load capacity of China PTFE Thread Seal Tape companyTT metal coil springs. Its stability and load capacity are better than TT rubber springs. The structure is simpler than air springs, although the natural frequency is higher. Used in TT metal springs but lower than TT rubber springs.



   1. Unique structure and easy maintenance.

   2. It can replace metal coil spring and has excellent damping effect.

   3. It can replace anti-vibration rubber spring, but can bear a large load.

  4. It can replace stainless steel springs with moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

   5. Vibration isolation spring suitable for large load, low frequency vibration isolation system

   6. Collision with metal does not produce sparks, suitable for work in flammable and explosive environments.

   7. It has a working characteristic curve similar to an air spring, but the structure is simple and there is no gas leakage.