What are the properties and applications of glass cloth tape


In reality, there are many classification Teflon Tape s […]

In reality, there are many classification Teflon Tape standards for tapes that we often say. It can be classified according to the use of the glue system or according to the different input of the base material has also classified them according to the different substrates of the tapes. The polyimide film as the base material is called polyimide tape; the polyester film as the base material is called polyester film tape or PET tape. The glass fiber cloth as the base material is called glass fiber tape, also called glass cloth tape. Glass cloth tape is one of the main products of Shanghai Sengu. Its insulation grade can reach H grade and the temperature resistance can reach 200 degrees. Therefore, it is used for the protection of high-temperature sandblasting and the winding protection of motors and motors.

Among them, glass cloth tape is a cost-effective product. Maybe in our life, we will use tape inadvertently. But we don't know much about tape, and we don't know what kind of tape to use under what circumstances. Here I can share with you a little bit of my opinion on tape. Usually we need to protect the surface of the product in a high temperature environment, and it cannot have any effect on the surface of the object after tearing it off. At this time, we recommend using a glass fiber cloth as the base material, coated with organic Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive glass cloth tape. Want to know more about glass cloth tape Glass cloth tape coats silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on glass fiber cloth, so it can also be called glass fiber tape. Due to the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive used, the glass cloth tape can work in a high temperature environment and has strong high temperature resistance.

Because the material used is glass fiber cloth, it has good flexibility. For the wrapping and wrapping of the coil, it has a good advantage to provide samples for customers to try, and provide technical support for the problems encountered by customers during the trial process. Now when it comes to tape, you may not be unfamiliar with it. But the first thing that appears in everyone's mind is generally sealing tape, double-sided tape. There are many advantages, through our introduction, maybe you will like to use this tape. That is a glass cloth tape with glass fiber cloth as the base material and coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

This tape can still remain sticky under the condition of high temperature of 200, and when you tear it off, there will be no transfer of glue on the surface of your paste, which is convenient for everyone to use. Glass cloth tape uses glass fiber cloth as the base material and is coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. H-class electrical insulation performance, suitable for H-class heat-resistant insulation binding of special motors, electromagnets, electronic appliances, and motor high-temperature coils. High tensile strength, high temperature resistance, insulation, solvent resistance and other characteristics, suitable for electrical insulation of dry-type transformer lead wires and various high-temperature sandblasting protection and lithium-manganese battery insulation wrapping.