What are the varieties of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in China?


Mainly include: packaging tape, electrical insulation t […]

Mainly include: packaging tape, electrical insulation tape, surface protection tape, double-sided tape, http://www.qgbxg.com masking tape, medical tape, anti-corrosion tape, trademark paper, etc. Among them, packaging tape has the largest output, followed by masking tape, electrical tape, double-sided tape, and protective tape12mm Blue Outershell PTFE Tape.

More than 95% of the base material of packaging tape is BOPP film, and a few are kraft paper and easy-to-tear PVC film. The electrical tape is mainly PVC, and other varieties are PET. The protective tape is mainly made of PE film, and there are also various composite films. The PE film is mainly transparent, milky white and inner black and white outer film.