What does electrical tape 1600, 1300, and 1500 mean?


1. 1500 lead-free electrical insulating tape; size: 18m […]

1. 1500 lead-free electrical insulating tape; size: 18mm × 10m × 0.13mm; color: black; voltage level: 600V and below; dielectric strength:>

39.37KV / mm (1000v / mil).China 12mm Teflon Tape Wholesales
2. 1600 lead-free electrical insulating tape; specifications (width × length × thickness): 18mm × 20m × 0.15mm; color: black; temperature

class: 80 ° C (176 ° F); thickness: 6mils; voltage level below 600V; dielectric Strength> 39.37kv / mm (1000v / mil); insulation resistance> 10

^ 12 ohm.
3. Use of electrical tape 1300: It is suitable for insulating and covering various industrial wires, and it is easy to tear and twist. Temperature

level: 0 ° c-80 ° c voltage level: 600v or less.

The main purpose
Winding wire and cable, waterproof insulation protection
Suitable for insulation of various resistance parts. Such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformers, motors, capacitors,

voltage regulators and other types of motors and electronic parts insulation protection. It can also be used for bundling, fixing, overlapping,

repairing, sealing, protecting in industrial processes.

The power line connector is divided into "ten" connection, "one" connection, "T" connection and so on. The joints should be entangled and smooth

without thorns. Before the thread head is disconnected, it should be lightly pressed with wire pliers, and then wound around the mouth, and then

swing left and right, the thread head will be cut off at the joint. If the joint is in a dry place, it should be wrapped with two layers of

insulating black cloth, two layers of plastic tape (also known as PVC adhesive tape), and two or three layers of J-10 insulating self-adhesive

tape, which is about 200% longer. Finally, wrap two layers of plastic tape. There are many disadvantages of using plastic tape directly: plastic

tape is prone to misalignment and glue opening over a long period of time; when the electrical load is heavy, the connector is heated, and the

plastic electrical tape is easy to melt and shrink; It is easy to poke empty plastic tape, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal

safety, cause moderate wiring, and cause fire.
The above situation does not occur when using insulating black tape. It has a certain strength and flexibility, can be tightly wrapped around the

joint for a long time, and is dry-fixed under the influence of time and temperature, will not fall off, and is flame-retardant. Furthermore, it

can be protected from moisture and rust by wrapping it with insulating black tape.
However, the insulating self-adhesive tape also has defects. Although it has good waterproof performance, it is easy to break. Therefore, it is

necessary to wrap two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer. The insulating self-adhesive tape of the joint and the joint is non-sticky to

each other and has better performance. Learn how to use electrical tape and use it correctly to prevent leakage and reduce harm.