What is a bird repellent ribbon?


1. Ribbons Flashing and bird-proof ribbons with polyest […]

1. Ribbons Flashing and bird-proof ribbons with polyester film as the base material. It is mainly composed of polyester film layer, metal film layer and red paint layer. Two to five centimeters wide scrolls, usually about 100 meters long, are bright silver on one side and red on the other.

2. The principle of the bird repellent belt: designed according to the principle that birds are afraid of silver and red reflections. The bird repellent belt turns red and white under the wind, sun and light, which makes the birds feel afraid and dare not approach. . If the wind is strong, the ribbons you bring will also make a metal-like sound to help the birds leave the area. The use of flashing bird repellent ribbons can effectively prevent birds from invading crops (100% bird-proof effect), while not harming birds and saving labor. Therefore, the flashing bird protective belt provides a new protective measure for agricultural bird prevention. At the same time, the bird repellent ribbon uses safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly materials, which has been vigorously promoted by the country.

3. The method of the bird repellent belt19mm PTFE Tape with Brown Packing, the hanging belt should be 10-50 cm higher than the crop, first fix one end, and then start to suspend it. For every 2 meters long, turn the belt over 180 degrees to make it fastened. Adding a fulcrum at 15 meters away can pull the belt into: "Tian" and "Z" shape. After 10 days, change the shape of the belt to prolong the bird repelling time and improve the bird repelling effect.





4. Compared with traditional bird repellent methods, what are the advantages of bird repellent belts?

1. Simple usage: It can grow at a height of 10-20cm on the edge of the field, tied to a stick or hung on a branch every 10-15M yuan.

2. The cost is low and the effect is obvious: the tensile strength of this bird repellent ribbon is above 1500KG/CM2, the light reflectivity of the flashing surface reaches 85 percent, and the peeling degree of the bonding between the layers is 0%. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high wind tensile strength, good light reflection effect, high bonding strength between layers, and low cost.

3. It has a wide range of uses, not only suitable for apple orchards, pear orchards, vineyards and other crops, but also has a significant role in driving birds in the chicken industry. At the same time, the shiny bird repellent ribbons can not only repel birds, but also repel other small animals. Orchard (apple orchard, pear orchard, vineyard, cherry orchard), sericulture farm, nursery, farmland, vegetable garden, etc.;

4. The silver-white surface of the flashing ribbon is conductive, please do not contact with the wire. It is not advisable to walk under the ribbon during thunderstorm to avoid injury.