What is the difference between Teflon high temperature cloth and Teflon mesh belt during drying?


First of all, they are all high temperature resistant m […]

First of all, they are all high temperature resistant materials and can be used for a long time below 260 degrees. Both have wear-resistant properties, so drying at high temperatures is the preferred material.

Second, they are non-sticky. Because PTFE is non-sticky, no matter it is at room temperature or high temperature.

They all have corrosion resistance, UV resistance and other light sources. For example, UV curing machine uses Teflon mesh belt. Teflon mesh belt and Teflon Teflone Tape for Shower Head Fittinghigh temperature cloth are used for disinfection and drying.

They all have a certain degree of strength and can generally be used in laminating situations. For example, Teflon high temperature cloth can be used on laminating machines.



The main differences between them are as follows:

Teflon high-temperature cloth is generally used for drying powdery things, while Teflon high-temperature cloth is impermeable and is generally used for drying media with less moisture. The Teflon mesh belt has better air permeability due to its mesh. But the strength of Teflon high temperature cloth is better than Teflon mesh belt. Of course, we can determine the mesh of the Teflon mesh belt according to the size of the powder. For example, some powder particles are relatively large, and a smaller mesh Teflon mesh belt can be used. For example, a 1*0.5mm mesh belt can be dried a lot A powdery medium with relatively large particles.

The surface of Teflon high temperature cloth is generally smooth, while the surface of Teflon mesh belt is relatively rough. Therefore, for the high surface smoothness requirements, it is necessary to choose conveyor belts made of Teflon high temperature cloth.

The joints of the two are very different. The joints of Teflon mesh belts are generally bull nose joints or steel buckle joints. The joints of Teflon high-temperature cloth conveyor belts are divided into many types, generally lap joints and zigzag joints , Niubi connector and so on. Sometimes the overlap is a 45-degree diagonal overlap.