What is the use of teflon board in industry


Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene is not only PTFE Thread Seal […]

Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene is not only PTFE Thread Seal Tape inert to most of the chemical reactions, but also offers high level of heat resistivity. This is the reason it is widely used in manufacturing of sheets, tapes, and tubing. The sheets developed with this compound are used for packaging, as well as insulation equipment. They also find uses in machines dealing with chemicals. The PTFE tape or plumber's tape is used to bind up two pipes before joining them. This allows for a better grip and easy pipe installation. Teflon Tubing also finds several uses in the field of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc. on account of several unique characteristics.

The sheets manufactured with chemical compound Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene are commonly referred to as PTFE Sheets and they are categorized by their high melting points. The offer high levels of heat resistivity and this is the reason they find several uses in industries dealing with packaging as well as chemical processing equipment. The sheets are also resistant to electricity making them suitable for industries requiring high levels of electric insulation. They are reliable and widely used in bearings, piston rings, seals, and other manufacturing machines requiring anti stick properties owing to the fact that they are also non sticky.

PTFE Tapes, sometimes even referred to as Thread Seal Tapes normally refer to PTFE film, cut into specific width to be used as a sealing pipe thread. In local language, they are also known as plumber's tape, tape dope, PTFE tape, Teflon tape. The last one i.e. Teflon is an inappropriate name as it refers to a Dupont Trade name. The tape is normally used for wrapping around the pipes before they are screwed into their respective positions. The tape is widely used in pressurized water systems as in central heating systems, and also in air compression equipment.

The thread is sued as a friction defeating agent, as it works like a lubricant allowing the pipes to be screwed together in an easy way.Teflon Tubing finds several uses in electrical, chemical, mechanical, automotive and pharmaceutical companies. It not only withstands high temperatures, but also provides for high purity jobs. It is chemically inert, nontoxic, offers excellent crack and stress resistances, virtually nonporous, translucent, and offers low coefficient of friction. It can easily operate between high temperatures like 250 degree Celsius without undergoing any corrosion.