What is VHB tape


VHB is the abbreviation of "Very High Bond" in English. […]

VHB is the abbreviation of "Very High Bond" in English. Its Chinese translation is: "Very high strength bonding".
1. VHB ™ is a 3M polyacrylate double-sided foam tape produced by 3M using a unique solvent-free manufacturing technology. The foam core material and the surface adhesive are all made of polyacrylate viscoelastic body, not in foam core material. The two sides are coated with adhesive, which is also the biggest difference between VHB ™ products and common foam tapes, which can be vividly called "solid glue".
2. This special structure gives the tape a special overall viscoelasticity. The whole tape can effectively dissipate the stress inside the bonding joint through the mechanical relaxation of the tape, thereby effectively protecting the bonding line. The foam core of the VHB ™ tape is a 100% fully closed cell structure, and neither water nor air can pass through.China PTFE Thread Seal Tape