What is waterproof sealing self-melting tape


First, the use of waterproof electrical tape method 1, […]

First, the use of waterproof electrical tape method 1, the construction method of waterproof tape according to the surface joint parts of the gap, seam width, accordingChina Pipe Sealing Tape to engineering design requirements, select the size. 2. Wipe the surface joints and cracks clean. 3. Starting from the end of the surface crack, tear off the separator paper on the asphalt tape and slowly open it along the seam to make the asphalt tape in the joint and crack of the roof. Then gently press the asphalt tape to make the joint sticky. The knot is firm and tightly closed. Second, waterproof tape is a kind of self-melting, good shape electrical insulation and waterproof sealing tape. It has strong surface adhesion and good thermal stability. It can be used in applications such as electrical insulation and waterproof sealing. Waterproof tape is used together with PVC tape. Provides reliable waterproof sealing and insulation protection for electrical wiring.