What kind of tools are used for processing Teflon?


Fluoroplastic moulding can process plates, rods, sleeve […]

Fluoroplastic moulding can process plates, rods, sleeves, tapes25mm PTFE Tape Teflon Tape for Gas, sealing rings, diaphragms and parts with metal inserts.
Compression molding is divided into three steps: pre-forming, sintering and cooling.


Preforming is the process of adding PTFE powder uniformly into the mold and pressing it at room temperature to form a compact preform (ie blank); sintering is the process of heating the preform above the melting point and cooling from the sintering temperature to room temperature.
Some fluoroplastics are made by one-time pressurization above the melting point temperature. This molding die is called a hot press mold, and the corresponding PTFE mold is called a cold press mold.