What should I pay attention to when using the raw material belt for the first time


The raw material belt is easy to use and has good seali […]

The raw material belt is easy to use and has good sealing performance, and is used in major projects. Wholesalers Teflon Tape of raw material tape remind that for those who have never used it, they need to first understand how to use it and the precautions for use. Ordinary white raw material belt cannot directly contact with sharp thread teeth, and it is easy to break. Many people will find out why when the pipe is tightened, the raw material tape is always breaking and the raw silk is protruding. The reason is that the winding direction of the raw material tape is reversed. The correct method is that the winding direction is consistent with the thread direction to ensure that the raw material tape is not damaged. Cannot be reused.

The raw material tape is mainly used for winding, and its airtightness is greatly reduced. When using the liquid raw material belt, pay attention to the ambient temperature. If the environment is at a high temperature above 150 ℃ for a long time, it is necessary to use the red raw material belt in the special raw material belt for fire protection, which has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof and flame retardant. It can be seen that there are many types of raw material belts not only in shape, but also in different use environments and uses. When we choose, we should choose it according to its specific use, so that we can use the appropriate raw material belt to play a better role.

As a sealing material, the raw material tape also has certain requirements for insulation in some application environments. Due to the differences in the processes and materials used by the raw material tape manufacturers, the conductivity of different types of raw material tapes is also different. Among the various products of raw material belt manufacturers, liquid raw material belt is a special one, because many substances have very different electrical conductivity in different forms. The raw material tapes we use routinely, whether oily or oil-free, do not contain conductive substances, so they are completely non-conductive. PTFE raw material tape has excellent insulation, as long as the raw material tape manufacturer guarantees sufficient thickness.

PTFE raw material tape can be used as an insulating material. The situation of the liquid raw material belt is special. The material used by the raw material belt manufacturer in the production process is a poor conductor of electricity, but the use of the liquid raw material belt is usually integrated with the metal. It is well known that the common metals on the market are The materials are all conductive, so insulated shoes would suffer in such cases. It is precisely because the liquid raw material tape has different electrical conductivity before and after use, so the liquid raw material tape is generally not used as an insulating sealing material in an electric circuit.