Why Aviation Tape Is Boring


For the non-engineer, aviation tape is something you pl […]

For the non-engineer, aviation tape is something you play with in arts and crafts.
It's boring and brings me back to my childhood days of having to open birthday gifts that my friends' mothers over taped. Scratching, clawing, and banging the gifts trying to get through the tape's adhesive structure.

The difficulties of childhood. I can only reminisce on how the 3M Scotch tape created so much stress for me in my younger years.

Back to reality!

The boring truth of tape... adhesionChina 25mm PTFE Water Tape

Recently, a low-cost airline carrier received tons of intense reactions about passengers complaining that the airline used duct tape to repair its aircraft windshield. Talk about fear of flying! This is not duct tape-but a speed tape used to do a temporary fix, while waiting for an extensive repair.

As boring as it may sound, aviation tape has many indispensable uses.

The adhesive quality of aviation tape.

According to 3M "Adhesion is the molecular force of attraction between unlike materials. The strength of attraction is determined by the surface energy of the material. The higher the surface energy, the greater the molecular attraction. The lower the surface energy, the weaker the attractive forces."

Snooze, boring, now wake up!!

Aviation tape is boring for the following reasons:

It sticks to things, that's it.
It's flat and comes in a roll.
Colors are usually bland.
It's primary purpose is simple, at least to most people.
It's terrible when it sticks to you.
Your friends can hang a sign on your back without you knowing.

Oh the simplicity, but tape is much different in the aviation world.

Boring or not, it's a marvelous feat of ingenuity and has hundreds of uses in the aircraft maintenance world.