Why can tape stick things?


It’s unbelievable. In fact, the International Space Sta […]

It’s unbelievable. In fact, the International Space Station has always had a small amount of air leaks, so it is necessary to constantly use high-pressure cylinders mixed with oxygen and nitrogen to supplement the lost air, so that there is nothing wrong with each other, and no one wants to go. Really solve the problem of air leakage. It was not until the rate of the air leak increased five times that the astronauts had to find a way to stop the leak.25mm High Demand 100% PTFE Thread Sealing Tape
The first step in plugging the leak is definitely to find the leak, and in the process of finding the leak, it is the seemingly irrelevant tea bag that has made a remarkable contribution. This tea bag is located in the service cabin of the Star in the Russian part. It floated under the influence of microgravity, and then the astronauts closed the hatch and observed the floating situation of the tea with the camera. They saw the tea slowly drifting towards a very hidden scratch on the wall, which showed that the air was exactly Leaked from there.
The goal has been found, and then it's time to take action. You think this is in space anyway. Anyway, it is the most intelligent aircraft of mankind. It should use some advanced means to accomplish its mission. But in fact they are just sticking a piece of tape. Adhesive tape and tea have solved the most deadly problem in extreme environments, which really gave me a new understanding of the humble little things around me.

   At the same time, there is also such a problem, why can he use tape to stick things?

   Maybe someone said this is not nonsense? Because of the sticky glue on it, why can the sticky glue on the inside stick things?

   In fact, it is essentially a force, the force that can pull objects that are very close together, it is called van der Waals force. Named after the Dutch physicist Van der Waals, it is an intermolecular force. Let me tell you what kind of force this is, and how does the tape use this force?

   We all know that all the matter around us, including ourselves, is composed of atoms and molecules at the microscopic level. Atoms contain positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons, and their charges are exactly equal, so the mutuality cancels each other out, showing uncharged neutrality. Molecules are formed by chemical bonds between atoms.

   The so-called chemical bond refers to a bonding force formed by the exchange of electrons between atoms, holding hands together. The reason why it can keep the molecule stable is also because there is no extra positive charge or negative charge from the electrostatic balance. It happens to be paired with each other, and the final result is also electrically neutral.

   But even in stable atoms and molecules, electrons will shift slightly, thereby changing the distribution of their charges. This means that a certain part of a molecule will temporarily be negatively charged, while another part will be positively charged. As a result, different molecules will attract each other, just like billions of microscopic magnets, attracting each other together, and this attraction is called van der Waals force.