Will the human body be harmed by contact with Teflon tape?


Teflon tape is a selected glass fiber yarn coated with […]

Teflon tape is a selected glass fiber yarn coated with Teflon resin, produced Teflon glass fiber tape, when the glass fiber yarn touches the human body, the skin will be itchy, but it will not bring any poison to the body;

High-temperature silica gel is not harmful to the human body; then only Teflon. The scientific name of Tefloncommercial 25mm PTFE Tape is polytetrafluoroethylene, and it has no toxic harm to the human body. The most important thing is that a raw material called ammonium perfluorooctanoate is used in the production process.


This is a substance that causes cancer in the body. Is it iron? Is fluorocarbon tape harmful to the human body? If you look carefully at its instructions, you will find that the instructions indicate that the maximum temperature required to be used cannot be higher than 260°C. When the temperature reaches 260°C, Teflon will begin to deteriorate, and when the temperature reaches 350°C, it will begin to decompose. The decomposed product may cause flu-like symptoms. The cooking temperature used to coat Teflon on the cooker will not reach 260°C, which means that no toxic substances will be decomposed and will not be harmful to the human body. So pay special attention to temperature control when using Teflon tape!